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NGYX is a registered Non-Profit Belgian Company (# BE 0537.471.159) supportive for Human Global Health Care.

NGYX I.C. takes care of its Partners / Customers. So here below some tips / Email addresses to redirect your question(s) to the right place!

HIV1 3XL Diag. Tool for HIV1 Drug Resistance Prédictions (22 FDA approoved drugs targeting PR-RT). This is not yet available but you can already have questions (or even proposal  to optimize it). Just send an email to:

Genotype/Phenotype(s) Datasets/Subsets. If you have question(s) that we missed to answer on this topic, do not hesitate: Send an Email to:

SmartSharp PCR DNA Ladder(s). We believe we provided the correct info. but who knows? Question(s)?

Advertising on this WEB site. Well this is also an option. But to be honnest we did not investigate it that much. Question(s):

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Company N°: BE 0537.471.159

Postal Adress:  NGYX I.C. (P. LECOCQ ),rue des Hausseurs 10, B-4550 Nandrin, BELGIUM. Email:  Info@NGYX.EU              Tel. / GSM: +32 498 532496 IBAN: BE63 7506 5746 0708  BIC: AXABBE22

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