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NGYX I.C. Products.

Our range of Products is definitively very limited. To be more precise: We have only one Product currently available: The "SmartSharp PCR" DNA Molecular Weight Marker (DNA Ladder; click Here to access the dedicated WEB page directly).

While this may sounds / looks ridiculous let's  first question ourself about it properly.

Based on recent market analyses and different typres/sources of data (e.g. Patent Offices) and using a NGYX I.C. proprietary software package, we identified that there are more then 300,000 users over the world. Taking it with  a minimal number of 500 "loads"/ Year /User and a very basic price of 200 Euros / 1,000 loads, that is a > 30,000,000 Euros / Year market value.

These numbers are are really the minimal ones!


That's the reason why we have created a Top Level DNA ladder: The SmartSharp PCR DNA Ladder.

NGYX Products List.

  1. NGYX-PCR (DNA Ladder). Click Here! [available]
  2. NGYX-OSS (Target DNA for Gene identification / expression). Click Here! [pending approval]

And there are more to come...

NGYX I.C. details / Coordinates.

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