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What's all about?

This WEB site is dedicated to my (Pierre LECOCQ) professionnal activities.

Most Recent Modifications.

Since SEP2018 I am working for OncoDNA S.A. as Concultant/Freelance Senior BioIT Projects/Team Manager. (contract extended up to 2019 December; first availability by january 13th 2020)

I am deeply involved in using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data to build companion Diagnostics (Oncology focused).

I am also in charge (shared) of driving validations exercices (BioIT Processes) and contributing to audits (B.I.G., BELAC, FDA).

While I have some interesting skills as a result of my course Clinet/CEFOCHIM for "Expertise in Clinical Research" and an internship at Artialis S.A.(having some activities as Data Manager, Biostatistician, Medical Writer) I am really and definitively focusing on exploring the use of NGS data.  Pharma/Biotech. It does not matter.

My most recent Resume: is here: Click Here

srl NGYX also have some internal activites like developping on request specific software packages. e.g. a TMB / MSI (diagnostic oncology) software package using a new approach (not based on specific targets / markers) presumably suitable for all panels. We also  keep investigating in HIV drug resistance.

So if interested feel free to have a contact.