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Welcome to NGYX I.C.

NGYX I.C. is a registered (# BE 0537.471.159) Non-Profit Belgian Company active in Biotech/Pharma/LifeSciences and supporting efforts for Human Health Care.

What's all about?


This WEB site is dedicated to my (Pierre LECOCQ) professionnal activities.


Most Recent Modifications.


As a result of my course (Clinet/CEFOCHIM) for "Expertise in Clinical Research" and an internship at Artialis S.A., I can now provide you with consultancy/support as e.g. Data Manager, Biostatistician, Medical Writer or CTA in your clinical research activities.


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What I am interested in (or not).


Definitively NOT in Regulatory, QA and QC. The main reason is that these matters should be handled internally. Who is best placed than developpers to carry out validation of their research? They do not about regulation ongoing? Peanuts! This can be found on the WEB. But their in deep knowledge of the service/product who externally can carry over with this?


So being more positive:

1. Next Generation Sequencing applied in Health Care / Diagnostics.

2. Biostats and Data Management in Clinical Research.

NGYX I.C. details / Coordinates.

Company N°: BE 0537.471.159

Postal Adress: NGYX I.C. (P. LECOCQ ),rue des Hausseurs 10, B-4550 Nandrin, BELGIUM.

Email: Info@NGYX.EU Tel. / GSM: +32 498 532496 IBAN: BE63 7506 5746 0708 BIC:AXABBE22